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Kastellorizo, Greece
Kastellorizo - Alexandros and his sculptures.
Panoramic view produced with the Nodal Ninja UR20 Business kit.
This interactive 360 degree content requires HTML5/CSS3.

We recently visited the tiny Greek Island of Kastellorizo in October 2016.

We photographed this exterior panorama using the Nodal Ninja UR20 Business kit. Our technique was to take photos at 90º intervals, giving 4 points of the compass. These images were then combined, stitched and blended using 'PTGui' software, then published for web and mobile viewing using the Pano2VR software to produce the panorama above in HTML5 format for compatibility with the latest web browsers and mobile devices. The 'Nadir' (looking down) view has had a 'mirror ball' effect added to hide the rotator/tripod legs view, this can be done automatically in the Pano2VR software.

Hardware checklist for producing this panorama:
Sigma 8mm Fish-eye lens. Canon 550D 'crop frame' DSLR camera. Nodal Ninja UR20 Business kit mounted to EZ Leveller MKII ('Easy Leveller') onto tripod.

Location: The Greek Island of Kastellorizo, the most Eastlerly point of Greece. (The most Southerly being the island of Gavdos, in the Libyan Sea).
Alexandros the sculptor seen here with his work carved into the Limestone rock of the island has been here for 37 years as a guest of the Municipality, and can be found in the wooded area just beyond the Megisti Hotel.

Kastellorizo, Greece - Sculptures

Thank you to Alexandos for making me welcome, and his strong Greek Coffee!!




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