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Cafe Sylva, Leeds
Cafe Sylva, Oakwood Clock, Roundhay, Leeds.
Panoramic view of the first floor of this new Cafe and Bar produced with a Nodal Ninja NN6 Panorama head.
This interactive 360 degree content requires HTML5/CSS3, WebGL.

Background to this panorama:
We visited Cafe Sylva in March 2017 and took a series of bracketed images using the Nodal Ninja NN6 and a 17mm lens mounted to a full frame DSLR camera. In total this was 3 rows of 8 positions of rotation, a total of 72 images. The 'Nadir' (down shot) was not photographed as with a floor of this type it is very easy just to clone and retouch the area covered by the tripod and panorama rotator.

Hardware checklist for producing this panorama:
17mm lens. Canon 5D MKII DSLR camera. Nodal Ninja NN6 Panorama Head mounted to EZ Leveller MKII ('Easy Leveller') onto tripod.
Images stitched and blended in PTGui Pro software, interactive panorama output to HTML5 using Pano2VR.
('double-click' the panorama above for a FULL SCREEN view).

Location: Cafe Sylva, Oakwood Clock, Roundhay Leeds LS8 2FA. Photographer: Anthony Quinn.

Cafe Sylva, Roundhay Leeds
Photo example, scaled down example of the 360º finished panorama 'equirectangular' image. (Actual image was rendered to 16000 x 8000 pixels)






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