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Example panorama produced from stitching 'circular' images produced from full frame fish-eye shots


Sample cubic 'spherical' movie. Tony Quinn. © Red Door VR Limited.

Full Frame fish eye lens (Canon 1DS MkII Camera with Sigma 8mm Lens) camera mounted to Nodal Ninja panorama head.

3 x images at 120 degree intervals, with added 'zenith' shot - seee thumbnails below.

0º - 120º - 240º + 'up shot'

Finished stitched image converted to VR movie saved as web version - 800 x 480 pixel HTML5 movie using Pano2VR software.


About the Midland Hotel, Morecambe:

Beautifully, meticulously, and lovingly restored, the Midland is an Art Deco-inspired tour de force with 44 modern 30s-inspired rooms, 6 rooftop suites, a top-notch restaurant and ultra-stylish bar. The Midland has that touch of class. Genius-architect Oliver Hill designed the hotel to bend alongside the curve of the promenade, creating spectacular panoramas of the North West coast at its breathtaking best. The hotel’s suave open plan style offers a place to relax in the afternoon sun. Meet friends and select the Midland afternoon tea for sheer decadence and pleasure. Chat over a Midland platter shared amongst you washed down with a fine wine or refreshing cocktail. The long bar is the heart of the hotel where today’s latest generation of seaside socialites can enjoy aperitifs and canapés in a buzzing, sophisticated ambience. Everything that made the Midland so special in its glamorous heyday has been restored and reinvented for a new generation with the addition of a spectacular rooftop terrace. The ultimate in elegance and escapism.





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