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Using the Nodal Ninja T-Adapter
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The T-adapter has a 30mm offset designed primarily for point and shoot cameras where the tripod mount is offset from the center barrel of the lens. The adapter also 'adds' the ability to mount the camera further back along a Nodal Ninja head top arm, or on the bottom arm if using your Ninja Head in landscape mode.

Features include adjustable rail guides to prevent camera from twisting and scale stop to remember offset position. Hex key included to set initial mount and extra screws and guides also included.

(T-Adapter Demo Video (note that the video shows the MK 1 adapter, prior to the introduction of the improved 'bump stops' and mount screw position lock and single mount hole.)

Setting the camera mount screw. Mount screw position lock.

For many digital and DSLR Cameras, the mount screw in the base of the camera is directly inline with the centre of the lens, so the mount screw in the T-Adapter simply requires positioning at zero.

For models of camera where the camera mount thread is offset to one side or the other of the lens, the T30 mount screw can be adjusted up to +30mm or -30mmto correct the alignment.

The T30 MKII adapter has a sliding mount screw which can be adjusted once the hex key (allen key) screw is loosened, set the mount correctly and then re-tightened - this allows the camera to be dismounted and remounted to the adapter in the same position each time, as the adapter 'remembers' the position.

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Bump Stops - top view.

The T30 MKII adapter has 2 rubber 'bump stops' which can be adjusted to sit against the rear of your camera to ensure there are no problems of the camera rotating on its mount screw - which could occur with longer heavier lenses when using the adapter & camera in portrait mode.

Bump Stops - adjusting.

The bump stops (of which there are a larger spare pair shipped with each T30 MKII ) can be adjusted by loosening the hex key (allen key) bolts, adjust these to firmly meet the back surface of your camera, then tighten.

Nodal Ninja T Adapter T30 - BUY HERE

T30 - Mounted to Camera.

This view shows the T30 MKII adapter mounted to a DSLR camera ready for use.

T30 - Mounted to camera.

This view shows the view from the rear of the camera with a T30 MKII fitted and the 'bump stops' adjusted to touch the rear of the camera.

Nodal Ninja T Adapter T30 - BUY HERE





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