Hot Shoe Bubble Level / TRIPLE axis spirit level. Catalogue No. RDB3D

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NEW Handy TRIPLE AXIS Hot Shoe bubble level.

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Product: Hot Shoe triple-axis Bubble Level
Product Code: RDB3D

£12.99 + UK VAT (£15.59 inc UK VAT)

The finishing touch to any Photographic VR setup! A TRIPLE axis spirit level. Mounts snugly to the hotshoe of any standard camera.

This extra level check can help you achieve a finer degree of accuracy in capturing image content, by checking your camera is level in THREE DIMENSIONS - the ultimate bubble level!.
Not one, not two, but THREE bubbles in one!

Can also be used as a final level check by placing on the flat surface atop a GoPano 360 One shot system

Extremely useful addition to your camera bag!

"At just £12.99, that's just £12.99 more expensive than rotating and cropping and rotating and cropping and rotating and cropping and....... "

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