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Promote® Control: Shutter cables for use with the Promote® Control
REMAINING STOCK: Accessory shutter cable for additional functions with the Promote Control

Product Description

Using a separate shutter cable with Promote Control offers the following additional benefits:

Promote Control Shutter Cable

NOTE: Connectors vary depending on camera model.

Enables Mirror Lock-Up functionality

Allows automated exposures longer than 30 seconds

Ensures faster camera reaction to shutter release, especially in "High Dynamic Range" mode

Activates "Manual Hold" mode

Enables arbitrary shutter speeds in "One Shot" and "Time Lapse" modes

Allows pre-focusing the camera using the Promote Control "Focus" button

Enables basic Promote Control shutter release functionality even when out of battery power


The CN3 shutter cable is no longer available.

The CN2 shutter cable is no longer available.

The N10 cable is compatible with the following cameras:
Nikon D4, D3, D3s, D3X, D2X, D2Xs, D2Hs, D2H, D200, D300, D300s, D700, D800/D800e.

* Promote Control firmware update 2.49b or later is required for Nikon D800.


You can CHECK HERE to see the latest cable compatibility list on the manufacturers website.


£18.95 (£22.74 inc UK VAT)

Promote® Control : Shutter Cable for Nikon & Sony Cameras.

Promote CN10 cable
The N10 cable is com
patible with the following NIKON cameras:
Nikon D4 D3 D3s D3X D2X D2Xs D2H D2Hs D200 D300 D300s D700 D800/D800e*

SY3 cable for Promote Control

The SY3 cable is compatible with Sony Alpha cameras that also have a PC Flash socket or a standard flash hot shoe. Examples of supported Sony Alpha cameras are: SLT-A99 SLT-A77 DSLR-A900 DSLR-A850 Other Sony Alpha cameras may also be compatible if they have a round PC flash sync socket, or a standard hot shoe.

The SY3 cable requires a separately available Promote Control HDR bracketing controller unit.

Using this cable enables the following modes of operation with select Sony Alpha cameras:

  • One Shot in full "Auto" or Bulb mode (shutter speeds can be preset only in Bulb mode, no preset apertures or preset ISO values)
  • Time-Lapse (shutter cable must be enabled and used in Promote Control Setup)
  • Bulb HDR
  • Bulb Ramping
  • Manual Shutter Hold
  • Hyperfocal Calculator

Other Promote Control modes are not compatible with Sony Alpha cameras at the moment. Regular USB-based HDR bracketing mode is not compatible with Sony Alpha cameras. As a result, HDR bracketing mode is limited to the shortest exposure of 1/20 to 1/5, depending on your camera model. Please see Bulb HDR section in Promote Control User Manual for more information.

IMPORTANT: Sony cameras with a proprietary Sony hot shoe are also supported via an optional third-party adapter that provides a round PC flash sync socket. Other similar adapters may also work.

* Cameras marked with (*) require additional USB OTG adapter cable due to non-compatible USB ports.

NOTE: When ordering - please ensure your camera model is listed for compatibility above, do not presume unlisted models will be suitable.

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