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Pano2VR - Publish your stitched panoramas.
Create FLASH and HTML5 VR Panorama movies with PANO2VR

Pano2VR for Mac, Windows and Linux, is an application that converts panoramic images into the HTML5, QuickTime VR or Adobe Flash formats.

Pano2VR exports the panorama including all graphical elements as a single SWF file in the Flash 8 or Flash 9 & 10 format. This allows greater control over the download behavior and makes it easier to distribute the panorama to clients, add it to content management systems or post it on a blog.

Pano2VR also has the facility to output files in HTML5 format for viewing on the latest portable devices from Apple etc. where Flash files are not supported. In addition many of the latest browsers offer HTML5 support.

Cylindrical as well as cubical panoramas can auto rotate with selectable direction, speed and delay. Panoramas can contain hotspots as well as a pre defined or fully customizable skins. The integrated skin editor allows to add maps, links, logos and other information to the panorama in a user friendly way.

Red Door: We have published 100's of panoramas using Pano2VR as both Flash and HTML5 and recommend this software!


NOTE - this software is offered as an 'electronic download' direct from the publishers.
Software technical support is supplied by 'Garden Gnome Software' following your purchase.




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