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360 Business Photos panorama head kit for users of a fisheye lens on Canon / Nikon mount.
'Business View' Panorama Kit Nodal Ninja UR20 for producing 360 degree tours.
What is included in the bundle? | Examples of use to produce interior business photos | Quick Reference Guide (GTP users)

This business kit is the latest model Nodal Ninja designed for use by photographers wishing to produce photography for the Business View 'Trusted Photographers' Program and has also proved to be a No.1 choice for any user wishing to quickly produce panoramas using one of the common fish eye lenses. This new R20 model supercedes the successful 'R10' model being lighter and more compact & with redesigned features including the new mini compass.

Any trusted photographer needs trusted equipment - the R20 Business kit is our recommended 360-degree Nodal Ninja panorama tripod head bundle designed to ensure your images for every panorama are produced in a standard, reproducible way to enable the best quality results time after time.

Nodal Ninja R20 ultimate trusted photographers kitOne of the smallest, lightest precision heads on the market. A single row pano head designed for use with circular and full frame fisheye lenses.

A high-quality of spherical panorama can be produced by stitching 4 sets of 3 bracketed images taken in ±1EV steps (i.e. -1, 0, +1 EV) using an 8mm 'fisheye' lens. The photographs taken in our example are at 90 degree intervals with the ring mount head tilt set at 7.5 degrees above the horizon - this gives a good 'overlap' of the photos at the 'zenith' (top) while omitting an area at the 'nadir' (bottom) of the photos.

The ring clamp mounts directly onto the lens itself freeing up the camera. Different cameras can be use on the same lens without adjusting any settings.

The kit consists of the Nodal Ninja R20 panorama head '7.5' (with presets for +7.5 degrees above, zero degrees and -7.5 degrees below the horizon), precision ring lens clamp to suit the selected model of fish-eye lens, with RM4 'mini-rotator' (click stops at 90 degree intervals, and small enough to minimise the rotator appearing 'in shot') AND FREE compass accessory - see below.

Nodal Ninja R20 panorama head - compass and bubble level

Included FREE with this business kit bundle: Compass accessory, mounts to the Nodal Ninja Ultimate R20 head uprights.

You may also wish to add the recommended EZ Leveller MKII for easy levelling of your panorama head.

Ideal for multiple shots at each 90 degrees for 'HDR' style panoramas!

Did you know? You can now automate your workflow and motorise this model of panorama head with the all new NODAL NINJA MECHA E1 automated rotator and controller! (shown below)
Nodal Ninja Motorised Mecha E1 Automated Panorama Head Rotator + Single Axis Controller
Click here for more details of the Nodal Ninja MECHA E1 motorised rotator and controller.

Nodal Ninja UR20 / RM4 / Ring mount bundle:
This bundle designed exclusively for use with a fisheye lens on either Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras.
Contains: Mini Rotator RM4, compass accessory, UR20 '7.5º' head, ring mount for your model of camera/lens and zippered padded case.

£399.95 (£479.94 inc UK VAT)

Ordering is as easy as123

1IMPORTANT: Choose your correct camera/lens compatibility option:
NOTE: All R20 bundles now ship with the latest 'V2' Version 2 lens rings which have viewable focus windows

2ADD Optional items and accessories NOW:
EZ Leveller MKII £83.29 (£99.95 inc UK VAT)
NOTE: Using other types of camera head such as Ball Heads, Pistol Grip etc. can result in parts of your tripod head appearing 'in shot' and your photography being rejected We recommend you order the EZ Leveller.
EZ Leveller Padded Zip Case £9.95 (£11.94 inc UK VAT)

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If you are looking for the R20 kit with other lens rings, choice of rotator base etc. please see the complete R20 product page here.


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Nodal Ninja G-Biz kit UR20 RM4 with ring mount

Example of UR20 in use shown above with Camera and fish-eye lens (not included) Ring Mount for Sigma 8mm lens (Canon Fit) mounted to UR20 shown on optional EZ-Leveller.


Sigma 8mm F3.5 Canon V2. Stop Plate 201. Foot Plate LRP40. NPP = 0.925

Sigma 8mm F3.5 Nikon V2. Stop Plate 202. Foot Plate LRP45X2. NPP = 1.825

Canon 8-15mm F4 V2. Stop Plate 203. Foot Plate LRP45X2 NPP. = 2.5

NPP = No Parallax Point (sometimes referred to as 'nodal point')
(The foot plate number can be found on the underside of the lens ring footplate)

Using the Business Panorama Kit to produce interior panoramas.

You can also see additional examples of panoramas we have produced using a GTP kit:
Lavanta Restaurant Leeds - interior | First Direct Arena By Day | First Direct Arena By Night | Swimming Pool by night (Skala Hotel, Patmos Greece) | Canal Gardens, Roundhay Park

Example location photography with photographs 'bracketed' to give 3 exposures at each 90 degree rotation, a total of 12 images, photographed with the panorama head set at 7.5 degrees above the horizon to give a good overlap at the top of the images, while leaving a small area omitted at the bottom of each shot where the head/tripod would appear:
example bracketed photos Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo
Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo
Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo Example bracketed photo

Some users will only require to take photos and supply to their customer as individual images as shot - others may wish to combine
the bracketed shots to produce a HDR image or interactive 'VR' movie, or virtual tour.

Example equirectangular image produced by stitching bracketed photos to produce a 'HDR' style image. This example stitched and blended in PTGUI pro:

Example panorama stitched from bracketed shots

As can be seen in the image above, the 'Nadir' (bottom of the images, where the tripod would appear in the photos) is not covered by the area visible to the lens.

Some clients require images to be produced and supplied exactly as this, but if you are publishing your own images or interactive tours
you may wish to retouch this area, or cover with a logo or 'mirrorball' effect as we have done at the publishing stage using the 'Pano2VR' software.

Example panorama
The finished panorama shown below has been output as HTML 5 format - ensuring that visitors can see the movie in the latest browsers on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iphones and ipads.

This content requires HTML5/CSS3, WebGL to view.

Credits: Thanks to Haley and Clifford Delicatessen of Leeds for use of the location.
You can also see more samples we have produced using a Nodal Ninja business kit (note: some of the older examples may be shown in 'Flash' format):
Stew & Oyster Bar, Oakwood Leeds (Nodal Ninja Business Kit) | Canal Gardens at Tropical World, Roundhay Park Leeds (Nodal Ninja R10 Business Kit) | Hippocrates Plane Tree, Kos, Greece ( Ultimate R10 Business Kit) | Skala Hotel pool area by moonlight, Patmos Island, Greece (Ultimate R10 Ring mount panorama head) | The new First Direct Arena in Leeds UK - photographed with the Nodal Ninja UR10 Business Kit | Crowds and People: Sky Ride Leeds & Tennis in Millennium Square - photographed with the Nodal Ninja UR10 Business Kit | The Oakwood Clock in Leeds photographed using the Nodal Ninja UR10 panorama head. Gavdos Island, Greece photographed using the Nodal Ninja UR10 panorama head. Lavanta Restaurant Leeds photographed using the Nodal Ninja UR10 panorama head. View of the harbour on the Greek Island of Symi.




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