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Nodal Point / No Parallax point: Setting up your panorama head - shown with the Nodal Ninja model NN3
How to set up your VR Panorama head at the correct 'Nodal Point' to remove parallax errors.
This three minute video shows the easy and straightforward method to correctly set up your panorama head.

Our number 1 question: How do I find the settings for my camera and lens on my panorama head?

We wanted to give you a better visual through the use of video on how to find the settings yourself.

There are two settings you are concerned with - the lower rail and upper rail.

In this video we show you how to find the lower rail settings and to find the upper rail settings.

In order to locate the proper upper rail settings we show you one technique for finding the no parallax point (NPP) / nodal point of a lens.

We would encourage every panoramic photographer to learn how to find the no parallax point of a lens - it's quick and easy and once mastered will work with virtually any lens at any focal length. The techniques also apply to setting up virtually ANY panorama head!

The video appears below:




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