Photographed using the Nodal Ninja NN3 Panoramic VR Head,
Canon 400D Digital SLR with Sigma 8mm fish-eye lens and stitched
with Real VIZ Stitcher Unlimited. *Distributed exclusively in the UK by Red Door VR Limited.

The Nodal Ninja 3 Panorama head is small, precise, robust and lightweight - an ideal combination with the present generation of digital SLR cameras (such as the Canon 400D, Nikon D80 etc.) coupled with a 'fish-eye' lens.

4 images at 90º intervals, coupled with an 'up shot' of the ceiling provide a full 180º x 360º view. Users may also wish to take a 6th shot directly downwards to touch in the floor in Photoshop or their favoured image editing software.

The photos were shot with only the existing light, the bedrooms shot twice, with curtains open or closed to demonstrate examples of different lighting conditions.

Photography © Red Door VR Leeds. Unauthorised use prohibited.

Thanks to 'Roomzzz Leeds' for use of an apartment in their 361 Burley Road location for this tour.

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