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GoPano Micro lens for iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5
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How it works

GoPano micro uses a specially curved mirror which gathers light from all directions and funnels it into the iPhone's camera. The free GoPano app then transforms this image into a live interactive scene where you can control the view!

Create. Share. Experience. 360°.

On your computer, drag your mouse or use your keyboard in the video to change your view of the action in 360°. On your iPhone with the free GoPano app, swipe across the view to pan, or spin the iPhone around you. It's a unique video experience that's almost as good as being there!

Tell the world!

Never miss a minute of the action! Use the GoPano micro to record 360° videos at your next concert, make your own video street views, or shoot your favorite sporting event in 360°. Instantly upload and share your 360° videos on and beyond. Click here to see user videos in the gallery.

GoPano Micro - iPhone case GoPano Micro - iPhone lens GoPano Micro - bag

What's in the box?

A custom-designed iPhone case stays on your phone. When you want to shoot 360º videos, just attach the GoPano micro to the case by just plugging it in.
GoPano micro lens attachment
This specially designed curved mirror gathers light from all the directions and reflects it into a secondary mirror, which again reflects it back into the iPhone's camera. The unique design allows a live 360° view.
Microfiber pouch
Store the GoPano micro in this protective microfiber pouch when not recording.

GoPano app
On iPhone with the GoPano app, tap record to record 360 videos with the GoPano micro.
Hit upload and share your 360° videos with your friends right from the app. Try the free app now.
Free hosting of your 360° videos on 360° videos on can be easily embedded on your websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Authentic GoPano Micro lens for iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5

Authentic GoPano Micro lens with case for iPhone 4 4s and 5 models.
Supplied with microfiber pouch .

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Tech Specs
Compatible with iPhone models 4/4S and 5 only.
Ultra-wide field of view (360° horizontally and 82° vertically).
Resolution: 1920 x 456 for iPhone 4S, 1280 x 304 for iPhone 4
Records complete 360° videos. (not photos).
Dimensions: 47mm diameter/82 mm height / 28 grams(lens) & 28 grams (iPhone case)

GoPano Micro Reviews:

"a device gives a view of the world never seen before!" - Financial Times

"I bet this product will take off and soon Facebook feeds everywhere will be filled with 360-degree videos." - CNET

"Google has spent a fortune on 360 degree images for Street View but the images are only stills. Now a snap-on lens for the iPhone, just launched in Britain, lets you film 360 degree videos..." - London Metro

"You could watch a video dozens of times and never see the exact same scene twice." - New York Times

"I'd recommend GoPano micro over ..., solely based on video quality and the way you hold the iPhone when shooting video. GoPano's App is also better designed, plus it provides a live de-warped view of what you're shooting." - Macworld

"It used to be that only "real" cameras had the cool lens accessories. But more and more are coming for the camera on your phone. One that caught my eye at CES gave a new perspective to iPhone video." - LA Times


Footnote: The GoPano Micro offered by Red Door VR Limited is the AUTHENTIC PRODUCT produced in the USA by EyeSee360 300 Fleet Street, Suite 250, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 USA. Beware of counterfeit copies of this product offered elsewhere, which are substandard copies, and are supplied with false registration codes which will fail. Please buy this product ONLY FROM AUTHORISED RESELLERS such as Red Door VR Ltd.

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