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GigaPan motorised panorama heads, Epic, Epic 100, Epic Pro V models complete with stitching software

EPIC robotic panoheads make it easy to capture gigapixel panoramas - quickly, accurately and with beautiful results.
GigaPan EPICs can work seamlessly with GigaPan Stitch software and and also be used with other stitching solutions such as PTGUI software etc.
The GigaPan motorised panorama heads can also be used to create full 360 degree panoramas - let the pano head do the work for you, even very high resolution multi-shot, multi-row images can be produced, then stitched and published using software such as Pano2VR
Epic Pro | Epic 100 | Epic

GigaPan EPIC Pro

('V' for Video - all the standard Epic Pro capabilities PLUS video panning & more)
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The flagship model of the GigaPan range, for larger DSLR Cameras, longer lenses, Video Cameras and great results.

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GigaPan EPIC 100

GigaPan EPIC 100.
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Mid range model from GigaPan, for compact cameras and some smaller DSLR models.

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GigaPan EPIC

GigaPan EPIC.
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Entry level model of the GigaPan range, for use with smaller compact 'point and shoot' cameras.

See here if just require spares, accessories & replacement parts for the GigaPan EPIC Model





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