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GigaPan EPIC Pro system - accessories and parts
Spares, Accessories, replacement parts and cables for the GigaPan EPIC Pro
Gigapan cables | Battery | Charger | | Down Struts | Camera Plates and Clamps | Replacement Motors for Epic Pro

Gigapan cable

Standard replacement cables for Gigapan Epic Pro

The Epic Pro ships with a full set of cables - if you require an additional spare or replacement please select from the list below.

Choose the required cable(s) [connectors shown for identification purposes only]:
Nikon 10 pin
Nikon 10 Pin Cable

Nikon MC DC1
Nikon MC-DC1 Cable

Nikon MC DC2
Nikon MC-DC2 Cable

Sony RM S1AM
Sony RM-S1AM Cable

Canon E3
Canon E3 Cable

Canon N3

Canon N3 Cable

Olympus RM-UC1 Cable

Replacement Cables - price each: £39.95 (£47.94 inc UK VAT)

Epic Pro Battery

Gigapan Epic Pro Battery

Rechargeable battery pack (7.2V, 4300mAH)

Product Code: Epic Pro Battery £139.95 167.94 inc UK VAT)

Product Code: Epic Pro Battery X 2 - Twin Pack, buy a pack of two batteries and save over £20!
215.88 inc UK VAT)

Epic Pro battery charger

Gigapan Epic Pro Battery Charger

Epic pro charger with UK plug

Product Code: EPIC Pro Battery Charger £79.95 95.94 inc UK VAT)

clamp foot plate

Gigapan Epic Pro Camera foot plate 'Arca Style'
Upgraded 'Arca-Style' camera plate for use with the Epic Pro and Camera Mount Vice Clamp shown below.

Product Code: Camera foot plate £49.95 (£59.94 inc UK VAT)

Camera Mount

Gigapan Epic Pro Camera Mount Vice/Clamp 'Arca Style'
Upgraded 'Arca-Style' clamp for use with the Epic Pro and Camera foot plate shown above or other 'Arca' compatible camera plates.

Product Code: Camera Mount Vice-Clamp £69.95 83.94 inc UK VAT)

Vice clamp and foot

Gigapan Epic Pro Camera Mount Vice/Clamp and foot plate 'Arca Style'
Upgraded 'Arca-Style' clamp and camera foot plate for use with the Epic Pro in place of the standard Quick-Change camera mount plate system.

Product Code: Camera Mount Vice-Clamp £99.95 119.94 inc UK VAT)

Extended Down Strut

Gigapan Epic Pro Extended Down Struts.

Product Code: Extended Down Struts £64.95 77.94 inc UK VAT)

Quick Change Plate

Gigapan Epic Pro Quick-Change Camera Mount plate system - plate only.
(As supplied with every Epic pro - this is a spares/replacement item)

Product Code: Quick-Change Camera Mount £29.95 35.94 inc UK VAT)

Gigapan Epic Pro Replacement Drive Motor to run the lower horizontal rotation.

GigaPan part No. 400-0002. This is the SMALLER in size of the two motors.

Product Code: 400-0002 £59.95 71.94 inc UK VAT)






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