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GigaPan EPIC for 'point and shoot' compact cameras.
Capture the hidden capabilities of your point and shoot and shoot by mounting it on an EPIC camera mount.
The GigaPan motorised panorama heads can also be used to create full 360 degree panoramas - let the pano head do the work for you, even very high resolution multi-shot, multi-row images can be produced, then stitched and published using software such as Pano2VR
(additional software required)

Specifically designed to capture gigapixel panoramas with compact digital cameras.

GigaPan EPIC

Unleash the power of your compact camera! Your compact camera is capable of great things, EPIC in fact. Capture the hidden capabilities of your point and shoot and shoot by mounting it on an EPIC camera mount. Suddenly, your compact digital can capture multi-gigapixel panoramas, quickly, accurately. See below for a complete list of features and specs.

GigaPan video - take a look at the Epic and Epic 100 GigaPan models:

GigaPan video demos and tutorials:
Video 1. Basic Set-up.
Video 2. Setting the Field of View 'FOV'.
Video 3. Taking your first panorama with the GigaPan

Small and efficient!
GigaPan EPIC makes it fun and easy to capture gigapixel panoramas with your compact camera – it's sleek and lightweight, yet powerful and durable.

New Features
More compact, yet robust and durable.
Sleek design with strong cast-aluminum chassis.
Redesigned battery tray. Easy to remove and refill.
Controllable backlit screen - illumination can be set to 'On' or 'Auto' for low-light conditions, or 'Off' for daylight conditions, minimizing battery drain.
Improved increased battery life of up to 30%.

Gigapan EPIC

Special Features
360 degree panoramic range-of-motion and 60/90 degree tilt range-of-motion
Pause and Scroll Function gives you the ability to recapture a specific photo or photos in the sequence.
Repeatable panoramas - you can repeat the last panorama sequence, same photos, same order.
Adjustable exposures - time between exposures is adjustable.
Precision incremental movement/resolution of 0.36 degrees
Stainless steel mounting arm minimizes flex and vibration
Simple user-interface, consisting of: on/off/ok button, cancel button and four directional buttons.
Easy to navigate menu with highly visible LCD screen
Bubble level onboard, for quick set-up
Easy camera mount - by self-contained 1/4" industry-standard thumb screw
Simple camera adjustment for optimal positioning of the focal/nodal point in the fore/aft, up/down and left/right directions, allowing the use of different cameras.
Scale and marking features enable repeatable adjustment
Anti-slip camera pad
Power supply requirements: (6) AA Batteries (Alkaline, Rechargeable NiMH, Lithium, etc...)



GigaPan Epic
Product Code: G-EPIC


Note: Cameras, Tripod etc. shown for illustration purposes - not included!
What IS a GigaPan image?
Take a look at popular examples in the GigaPan Gallery...

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GigaPan EPIC on Tripod


3 lbs 1 oz (1.4 kg)

7.75" x 7.5" x 4.9" (19.8 x 19 x 12.4 cm)

Requires 6 AA Batteries (rechargeables are highly preferred) Note: If using alkaline, a spare set of batteries is recommended.

Camera and batteries not included.

The EPIC works with most compact digital cameras.

View list of compatible cameras »

Equipment Checklist

For SHOOTING with the GigaPan EPIC:
1. Tripod
2. 6 AA Rechargeable Batteries (Preferred) Note: if using alkaline have a spare set
3. Digital Camera with Memory Card (4G)


GigaPan EPIC Pano Head


Download the EPIC Manual (pdf) here.




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