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The Google Business Photos Programme adds interior 360 panoramas to search results.
UK Businesses can now request a 'Google Trusted Photographer' to produce a Panoramic VR Tour to add to their 'Google Places' listing.
360 Panorama equipment from Red Door VR Limited UK

Google Business Photos, Business View, Google Maps, Google Places, Google Search...?

Businesses listed on Google Search with a 'Google Places' listing (any business can create one of these for themselves, by signing into Google and 'claiming' their business) can now also request a visit from a 'Google Trusted Photographer' who will take photos to produce a 360 panoramic tour of the interior. This tour can then appear as a 'Business View' within Google search results.

These panoramas are then added to the Businesses listing by the photographer and appear in search results, Google Places, Business View, Street View, Google Maps and other Google 'properties' - all of which should give the business greater exposure.

What's the deal for the Business?

Google make no charge for this service, the business just needs to arrange the photography with an approved 'Trusted Photographer', the photographer charges a 'fair market value' fee for the photography.

I am already an established panoramic photographer - can I sign up and start earning??

The list of Approved Trusted Photographers appears to be growing, but the UK is a big place so a programme like this is going to require a lot of panoramas!

Red Door VR Ltd supply the approved Equipment.

Updated Tuesday, May 25, 2021





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