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Can I collect equipment from Red Door VR Ltd?

We are a UK based 'Safe-Buy' accredited "mail-order only" company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire UK.

We supply the Domestic, European and Worldwide markets.

Regrettably when asked if customers can make a collection we have to reply no.

For 'chapter and verse', the reasons are as below.

Our warehouse distribution address is not the same location as the sales office, we do not make our warehouse address public.

Our distribution centre is not permitted to make sales to members of the public on the premises.

Our distribution centre may not be continuously manned during all business hours.

Our company insurance does not cover sales to customers on the warehouse premises.

Our credit card merchant agreement and PCI DSS Security certification authorises us to make 'customer not present' internet sales, telephone sales and mail order sales. We do not have a swipe card terminal or any ability to process 'customer present' transactions where a PIN is required. Note that sales made by phone/internet/post etc. which then result in a customer collecting from a supplier in person require that the transaction is re-enetered by the customer, similar to when you book a hotel online etc. but are then required to make payment by using your card and entering your PIN.

Ebay and PayPal do not cover transactions where a customer has made collection in person, only those having proof of despatch, tracking details and proof of delivery.


Red Door VR Limited pride ourselves on our reputation and independent customer reviews for speedy despatch and service on all orders, we offer a free delivery option on all but the smaller orders to a UK address. Customers receive track and trace details for their orders as they are despatched, and wherever possible we aim to better the despatch and delivery times quoted when your order is placed.

Thank you for your understanding.

E & OE Jan 2012





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