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Nodal Ninja™ Pole System, PanoPole - Series 1
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Carbon Fibre Poles Series 1 - Extends to 2.75 metres

The Panoramic photo community has been waiting for a portable, easy to use and yet rigid enough pole for making aerial panoramas using typical DSLRs in the market.

The Pole Series 1 is designed for experienced panorama photographers as an additional accessory to extend your panoramic capabilites - and help you reach for the sky!

Fanotec poles are easy to operate and carry. They can be extended to maximum height in minutes by pushing up and locking each telescoping section. Made of carbon fiber tubes, they are light-weight, portable and are ideal for on-the-go situations and areas not accessible to vehicle mounted units.

A great addition to your kit bag - ideal for a 'birds eye' view!

Take a look at our video demo using the Pano Pole with rotator base, Tripod clamps, UR1 pano head, quick release and GigTube wireless viewer and remote.

Fanotec poles are modular in design. Users can start up with a small module and gradually build up the height by stacking it to a larger module. Each module can be used independently (additional parts needed), creating an array of short poles with different stiffness for different applications, such as horizontal pole for cliff panoramas.

Aerial panoramic photography is ideal for tourism, festivals, surveys, construction planning, and many other applications. It provides a new, exciting perspective of landmarks and landscapes at elevated height. Obstacles no longer obstruct your view of the location.

Features and Highlights:

Thick cross-layered carbon fiber tubes for maximum rigidity and durability
Light weight

Compact in size - fit most cars

Anti-rotation system maintains rigid azimuth / yaw locking /accuracy
support a large range of DSLRs

3/8" stud and 3/8" female receiver for working with other accessories


Description Series 1

Max Height 2.75m (9’)

Contracted Length 0.81 m (2’ 8”)

Number of Sections 4

Number of Modules 1

Tube Diameters 20, 24, 28, 32 mm

Max Load 15 kg (33lb)

Max Load at Max Height 2kg (4.4lb)

Weight 0.75 kg (1.6lb)

Attachment Size 3/8" stud and 3/8" female receiver

Suitable for Horizontal application: No

Tripod Clamp B

Nodal Ninja Pole System: Pano Pole S1
Price shown is for Pano Pole S1 only, please see details of accessories below
Product Code: P-1

£249.95 (£299.94 inc UK VAT)

Suggested Accessories and associated products:

Pole Series 1 Carry Case £34.95 (£41.94 inc UK VAT) £0.00
Tripod Clamp Mount B £49.95 (£59.94 inc UK VAT)
Rotator Footplate £39.95 (£47.94 inc UK VAT)
Quick mount mini adapter £32.95 (£35.94 inc UK VAT)
Quick Mount Mini Adapter Plate (PLATE ONLY) £7.99 (£9.59 inc UK VAT)
Pole adapter for R1/R10/R20 heads £14.95 (£17.94 inc UK VAT)
Pole Rotator 30 degrees/12 click stops £39.95 (£47.94 inc UK VAT)
Pole Rotator 36 degrees/10 click stops £39.95 (£47.94 inc UK VAT)
Pole Rotator 45 degrees/8 click stops £39.95 (£47.94 inc UK VAT)
Pole Rotator 60 degrees/6 click stops £39.95 (£47.94 inc UK VAT)
RD5 Rotator £99.95 (£116.34 inc UK VAT)
Thread adapter for Advanced Rotators £4.85 (£5.82 inc UK VAT)
Advanced Spirit Level for Fanotec Pole Series 1 £22.95 (£27.54 inc UK VAT)
Triple Guy Wire Support Kit £114.95 (£137.94 inc UK VAT)

Choose from Ultimate R1 or R10 ring mount panorama heads and lens rings

Pole System S1 - below is an example set-up with all the components required to mount to your existing tripod, and add your camera and lens: Ultmate R10 pano head with lens ring, Pano Pole S1, Tripod Clamp Adapter and pole rotator:

Nodal Ninja Pano Pole S1Pano Pole Kit Ultimate R1 Tripod Clamp B Pole Rotator Tripod Clamp B

Sample elevated 360 panorama shots:
Great examples of panoramas produced by Wim Koornneef using the Nodal Ninja pole system can be seen here

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