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Nodal Ninja NN3 MK II Lightweight VR head for single, multi-row and fish eye panoramas.

The lightest smallest panoramic tripod head on the market today.
And now Nodal Ninja NN3 MK II is even lighter and stronger with more added features.

The Nodal Ninja is a specially designed spherical tripod head allowing the photographer to adjust a camera/lens “entrance pupil” [nodal point or no prallax point] exactly over its correct rotational axis. This helps to eliminate parallax error inherent when shooting multiple images side by side.

Without parallax errors a photographer can seamlessly stitch multiple photographs together forming a larger higher resolution composite image.

Nodal Ninja NN3 package
What's in the box?
Nodal Ninja NN3 MKII Panorama head, Detent disk, soft carry cases, spare parts. also now includes 'RAIL STOPS' to easily lock and remember the position of the upright arm and the camera mount plate.


Nodal Ninja NN3 Lightweight VR head for single, multi-row and fish eye panoramas.

Nodal Ninja NN3 VR Head shown fully assembled and also packed flat for transport.

Nodal Ninja NN3 MK II Package - includes:

Size - the smallest panoramic tripod head on the market today.
Weight ONLY 1lb 1oz (475 grammes)

FULL rotation UP with many cameras and wide angle lenses.

Fits almost all point and shoot cameras from ultra compact to compact and many smaller DSLR's using smaller lenses.

NEW Lower rotator design on NN3 MKII, enhancements include: new tension knob without inner lock screw, tension is easily adjusted by simply tightening the knob.

Ball bearing detent plunger is incorporated in the MKII rotator for smooth rotation and click stops.

New precision click ball replaces detent pin. This allows for a more positive feel and decreased wear.

New precision CNC machined detent rings for better precision.

Improved detent ring retention mechanism for easy change of detent ring.

New rubberized metal knurled knobs. This not only allows for a better gripping but also creates a better feel and enhanced look.

Reversible detent rings offer click stops at varying degrees

Made to higher precision tolerances than earlier models.

East one knob adjustable resistance for horizontal panning.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (folded)
Lower Assembly: 150mm x 50mm x 40mm
Upper Assembly: 155mm x 35mm x 40mm
Unit weight: (including cases) 755g, 1Lb 10oz
Maximum weight load: 7lbs (3.2kgs)
Ideal working weight load: 3lbs (1.3kgs)
note: using heavier loads greater than 3lbs (1.3kgs) may cause sagging on upper rotator.

Nodal Ninja NN3 MK II Package - includes:

Nodal Ninja 3 MKII pano head with standard detent ring rotator
Soft carry cases
2nd generation Camera Mounting Plate (CP-2)
Reversible Detent Rings included: 15º/0º, 45º/60º
Rail Stops
Allen Key + Misc parts
Quick Reference Guide

* FOR CAMERAS WITH OFF-CENTRE MOUNTING HOLE PLEASE SELECT OPTIONAL T-Adapter - Why would I need a 'T-Adapter? - see here (opens in new window)

3/8” AND 1/4” thread mount adapter. (Mount directly to your tripod, or with a levelling Head: EZ leveller MK II)


Nodal Ninja NN3 MK II Kit
Includes click stops: 0, 15, 45 and 60 degrees, rail stops, and soft carry cases.
Product Code: NN3 MKII KIT

£189.95 (£227.94 inc UK VAT)

ADD Optional items and accessories NOW:
T-Adapter T-30 MK III £21.95 (£26.34 inc UK VAT)
EZ Leveller MKII £91.62 (£109.95 inc UK VAT)
(We recommend to all users a levelling device.)
EZ Leveller Padded Zip Case £9.95 (£11.94 inc UK VAT)
2-Axis hot shoe bubble level £6.95 (£8.34 inc UK VAT)
3-Axis hot shoe bubble level £12.99 (£15.59 inc UK VAT)
Set of 2 extra 'rail stops' £3.50 (£4.20 inc UK VAT)

Additional click-stop 'detent rings' if required
(The NN3 MKII ships with two rings as standard: 15º/0º, 45º/60º)
Choose any required ADDITIONAL detent disc(s)
NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 15/0 number of stops around = 24/0
NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 20/18 number of stops around = 18/20
NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 25.7/36 number of stops around = 14/10
NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 90/120 number of stops around = 4/3
NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 45/60 number of stops around = 8/6
NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 51.4/72 number of stops around = 7/5
*NN3 MKII detent ring, Degrees 45/60/90/120 No. of stops around = 8/6/4/3
*This ring has 2 sets of detent 'dimples' on each side of the disk.


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Click and drag on the 360 degree product movie above to spin the view

360 Object Movie produced as HTML5 and Flash with Object2VR Software

Nodal Ninja NN3 VR panoramic tripod mount Head shown fully assembled and also packed flat for transport.
Nodal Ninja NN3 Lightweight VR head for single, multi-row and fish eye panoramas.

USEFUL NODAL NINJA LINKS [open in new window]:

Settings for the Nodal Ninja with different Camera/Lenses - save YOU the trouble of finding the 'Nodal Point' yourself!


NN3 MKII has a newly designed lower rotator. There is a bearing inside the tightening knob which allows for smoother rotation and prevents loosening. Adjusting tension is much easier as you no longer have the centre lock screw to worry about.

NEW NN3 MKII rotator - as supplied with the NN3 MK II

The NEW MKII model uses a slightly different style detent ring which is not interchangeable with original NN3.

Sample tours photographed with the NN3 by Red Door:

Tour of the French Riviera using the NodalNinja NN3 - CLICK HERE

Tour of the island of Majorca, Spain using the NodalNinja NN3 - CLICK HERE

Prior to purchase of equipment we strongly recommend that you confirm the camera(s) and Lens(es) you wish to use will fit the specification of your chosen VR head:




( Adding T adapter on any of the Nodal Ninja Heads increases the compatible 'B' measurement by up to 22mm )

NOTE: using a " T adapter " or mounting certain DSLR cameras at over 125mm on the top rail may mean that rotating the camera directly 'upwards' for a zenith shot may not be possible if your camera body snags the bottom rail - the solution being to purchase one of the larger models of VR Head such as the NN4 or Ultimate M series.

Please note that the A and B measurements shown above are shown as a simple check to ensure that the physical dimensions of your camera do not exceed the settings and clearances of this model of panorama head, i.e. to assist in answering the question "will my camera fit?"

The actual maximum possible distance between the screw hole in your camera base to the 'Nodal Point' on the NN3 models is 118mm.

Exact settings for how to position your camera on the panorama head can be found either by using our 'nodal point set up video' or the chart provided by the manufacturers.

If your camera and lens is LARGER than the dimensions shown, DON'T PANIC - the Nodal Ninja NN4, and Ultimate M Series heads accept much larger camera and lens combinations!

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Using the Nodal Ninja NN3 Panorama Kit to produce interior panoramas.
Example location photography with photographs 'bracketed' to give 3 exposures at each 90 degree rotation, plus the 'zenith' directly upwards, a total of 15 images, photographed with the panorama head set at 7.5 degrees above the horizon to give a good overlap at the top of the images, while leaving a small area omitted at the bottom of each shot where the head/tripod would appear:

Philip Howard Bookstore

As can be seen, the 'Nadir' (bottom of the images, where the tripod would appear in the photos) is not covered by the area visible to the lens.
The images were stitched and blended as a 'HDR' image in 'PTGUI' software, then published using 'Pano2VR'

Some clients require images to be produced and supplied just as single images, or a stitched panorama strip, but if you are publishing your own images or interactive tours
you may wish to retouch this area, or cover with a logo or 'mirrorball' effect as we have done at the publishing stage using the 'Pano2VR' software.

Example panorama
The finished panorama shown below has been output as 'Flash' and 'HTML5' format - and the page is coded to present the correct version as and when required,
ensuring that visitors can see the movie on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iphones and ipads.

This content requires HTML5/CSS3, WebGL, or Adobe Flash Player Version 9 or higher.

Credits: Thanks to Philip Howard Bookstore, 47 Street Lane Leeds, West Yorkshire LS8 1AP for the location.

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